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Roche Harbor here we come! Nice trip down.

The customs officer was funny, he asked if we had any weapons of mass destruction! I was the only one who had bought anything, 6 skeins of yarn…Tim asked if he knew what that was, and he used his hands to describe them. Too cute.

Before we knew it we were tied up at the dock. Kelley and I were here about 20 years ago with are friends, the Harts, and their family when we chartered 2 boats to cruise the San Juans. When we were here last there was 1 long dock and the hotel and restaurant…now there are homes and shops and a huge marina. When I talked to Spencer about being at Roche, he asked if they still made donuts in the morning…and they do!
22 roche

Check it out: Roche Harbor

We had lunch on the dock, did a little shopping…and then took a cab to Duck Soup for dinner. As we were eating, we look up and there is Dave Baker! A fellow member of CIYC! A great day!

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