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February 04th, 2009 | Author:

Burton Island is a state park. There is a mooring field for sailboats, but there are slips for power boats. We had made a reservation and were put at the long dock.
Once tied up we noticed that the Lakemans, Richard and Jory, were there. I like seeing a familiar face.
Kelley and I had great hikes around the island. The only way to camp here is to come by boat. There is a public boat that brings those that do not have their own. There is bike riding, hiking, swimming, and, of course, boating.
There is a little restaurant there and Trish and Fred said that we needed to have breakfast there. We met Howard and Diana Cole of Sea Horse. They had already completed the Loop and ate breakfast with the Lakeman’s and us. They had a lot of great information.
The weather has been rainy as usual. Jory and Richard left before us, but we have plans to meet at a lock and compare notes.

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Well, the boat needs its oil changed. Kelley has made an appointment. When he did, he asked them to also order an extra set of filters for our boat. He tried to find them in Burlington and couldn’t. No problem, they said.
Well, when we arrived, they didn’t have ANY filters and therefore couldn’t start the job. Tomorrow.
We met a gentleman named Dave and he sent us off to a great local Italian restaurant. Tuesday we met him at a Mexican restaurant where they had excellent margaritas.
The oil was changed on Tuesday and the filters came. We have 2 engines. They ordered one set. No problem – tomorrow morning.
Surprise for us: the filters were there Wednesday morning.

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February 04th, 2009 | Author:

We are anchored in Sloop Cove. There are many boats here; it is the holiday weekend after all. We have gone for dinghy rides around the island looking at other coves; we have gone for some great walks. Valcour Island is in New York. Great lazy weekend.

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