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June 29th, 2009 | Author:

We decided to go to Gore Bay, about 32 miles from Meldrum Bay. There is a marina there and we had heard that the town was charming. Rain escorted us there. Dark clouds followed. But, being good travelers, the rain stopped when it came time to get out the lines and the fenders. Once we were secure, more rain followed.goreentrance400

The Harbor is on the large size for this area, I think, but as we have heard since starting this trip, it is slow, slower than last year. There is concern in the area.1gorebay400


I wish that I could have taken pictures of the shoreline as we were coming here. There are beaches, but the huge trees come almost to the shore. Multiple greens dance in the wind; blues change depending on what they rest on. And when the sun is out, oh, my gosh; it is breathe taking.lodge400

We walked through town and then took a long walk up a street that took us to Gordon Township – really just a street with houses and cabins on it. It was a great walk and only a few sprinkles. It is so beautiful here. We are enjoying the days – rain and all.

Cute tiny cottages:

5goreice4006goreice400I know, they are ice fishing huts. I will learn the correct name. We had seen them before and I thought that they were like littleboat houses, and then someone mentioed ice fishing. The people here ride their snowmobiles to Gore Harbor and beyond in the winter – on the lake! Amazing.

It is Tuesday morning and we are preparing to leave for Clapperton Island. There are 2 possible anchorages there. We want the Harbor onr because there will be more protection from the north wind that is suppose to come sometime today, as it brings more rain and possible T-storms.

Did I mention that it rained last night? But, then I like the rain. I think that my California boy is missing the sun. (He does put his shorts on every morning and wear his flip flops! Gotta love him!)

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June 29th, 2009 | Author:

We left after completing housekeeping jobs. We thought that we would go to Pilots Cove (Kelley thought I was calling it Pirates Cove – sounds like a play to me?). So, we motor on – rain and then we hear thunder. We watch as the storm passes us to the right. Finally we reach the spot that we had chosen. 2pilotcove400

Poor Kel. I thought his blood pressure would rise as he looked at the narrow entrance. We couldn’t get a picture of it as we were a little busy focusing on getting through, but it was about 20 feet! But, we made it in. We anchored and judged the swing. Would we would hit the rocks or have the props dredge up dead heads? Finally the decision was made to journey on….sign

We went on to Meldrum Bay, Ontario, Canada. Kelley called to clear customs. Because it was late we decided to stay in the marina. This place is tiny.meldrumhomeWe needed to dock near the marina office because that was the only place that 50 amps.

innagainThere is an Inn there where they serve breakfast (continental), lunch and dinner. It turns out the chef is from California. But, even the offer of free Internet couldn’t intice us to the restaurant.

Look at the darling doll house that sits next to the Inn:

innI have seen other homes with copies of their house done. I don’t think a replica of our home would be as cute.

Great meal of barbecued shrimp and pasta. And what will tomorrow bring?

And “Good Morning, Kelley.” Remember the housekeeping I spoke about in Harbor Island? Well the boat was covered in bugs. Big, ugly bugs that live about 24 hours and smell when they are dead and wet. Remember all the rain? Well, this was on the deck when Kelley got up:bugsSo, after Kelley eashed down the boat again, off we went to Gore Bay. Bye Meldrum Bay.leavingmel

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June 28th, 2009 | Author:

We went a whole 7 miles to Harbor Island. It is a wonderful natural harbor and we should be protected from most winds. There is a storm coming through (of course). The sky is blue and it is warm.
We have spent the day reading. We will have a gourmet dinner tonight. Last night at the restaurant we ordered a rib dinner to go. No cooking for me tonight. It is my birthday! Kelley had a card for me this morning. Aw, how sweet.

Sunday Morning Update: storm came through after midnight and it was a wet and windy one. The anchor held. This morning Kelley went out and had to sweep up 1,000′s of these bugs that only live 24 hours. They smell when they get wet. I’ll upload pictures when we have better Internet.
The sun is out now and no storm is expected, just wind, which will come from different directions as the day progresses.

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June 26th, 2009 | Author:

bumpystrait400What happened to flat like a lake? Where did this wind come from? Pleeeeeese. Well, it wasn’t that bad. We have been so spoiled the last few days we should have known it would all be too good to be true. In reality, it wasn’t bad at all. Choppy with “crisp” swells. Some white caps. Nothing like some of the crossings we have had to Catalina.


We were pleased to pull into the marina. It is also almost empty. Usually we back in but I had read that you could sit in the marina and watch the freighters go right by. Kelley was sweet and we pulled in nose first. And sure enough, the book wasn’t lying.shipferry400

This was just one of many that wen by.

There is also game here called “Catch the Log.” The dockmaster throws an anchor and slowly drags the huge piece of wood to shore. There is a slip that is filled with  similar pieces. Wonder if they build new docks from this wood?


We strolled through town; perhaps 20 minutes. When you start into the town there is a huge carving. It is called Passage Keeper:passagekeeper400

We loved this sign in front of a house and thought that many of our friends on Balboa Island or out on the Peninsula might want to copy the idea.bobparking400

But, dinner out tonight. We are celebrating a birthday!

Tomorrow we plan to go to Harbor Island and anchor for a couple of days. We need peace and quiet. Cruising takes a lot out of you. (Sure!) I will continue to write, but I will have to upload the pieces when we get Internet again.

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