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June 30th, 2010 | Author:

Kelley went off on a bike ride with a gentleman that we met last evening who had kayaked from his house into the harbor. While Kelley was gone I started to investigate this place. We were surprised last night that the buildings are open for visitors to walk into. This would never happen in CA. I walked around the whole town going in and out of buildings. The state has been renovating the buildings and they are doing a fine job in my opinion. In some of the houses the walls are covered in glass so that you can see the lath and plaster that makes up the structure. The colors on the walls are bright yellows, pinks and greens. The site had historical people study chips from the original walls and that is how they came up with the colors.

I took about a mile walk through the grounds. Kelley said that he had seen a doe and her fawn when he had gone out for a walk in the morning. On the walk I saw fresh deer tracks. And the best part, no bugs! In the brochure about the park they mention that there aren’t any bugs…and they were right.

Later in the afternoon Kelley and I took a walk to the camp grounds. They are very nice with electricity and water. No water or electricity for the boaters!

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June 29th, 2010 | Author:

The weekend here in Fish Creek was beautiful – well, some rain, some T-storms, but all and all, pleasant. On Monday we had planned to leave and go to Fayette which is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is a deserted town from the 1880′s; the state runs it as a park and there is a dock for boats on a first come first served basis….

We woke up to wind – the kind that rocks you in your slip – so we stayed the day had a great bike ride through the Peninsula Park (about 10 miles). Around 4 the wind died down. It is a 5+ hour run to Fayette, so definitely too late to go.  And this morning the wind was blowing. We went off to breakfast at the White Gull Inn, winner of the best breakfast award…or something. Both of us are feeling antsy. We took a walk on Cottage Row, there aren’t any cottages here, only huge homes, and probably most of them summer homes. We could see the lake in between the houses and there were white caps, but not big swells.

We returned from the walk and the wind did seem to have calmed down a bit. We cast off and headed to Fayette. It must have been about 12:30. The ride was a little bumpy the first hour and then it was flat. It was a lovely ride. We pulled into Snail-Shell Harbor and we were the only boat. This is a beautiful spot.

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June 23rd, 2010 | Author:

Well, the work was completed and we are ready to leave! Except, we are in the midst of a T-storm and it is with us almost all day with a new one on the way tonight. Folks, this is humidity! The air conditioner is working well. We will wait out the storm here and enjoy the view for one more day.

Wish there was more to add, but there isn’t!

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June 20th, 2010 | Author:

Another beautiful morning in Sturgeon Bay. We have awaken to sun the last three days. Quite different from last year.

We are waiting for some work to be completed and then we are off to ????? We just haven’t figured it out. This year I feel like there is no hurry at all.

We have met some wonderful people here at the docks. They are have made us feel very welcome. The Quarterdeck Marina is a great marina. There is a pool, outdoor fireplace, barbecues and a nice park like setting. Last night was the manager’s barbecue and we joined in on the fun.

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