Well, the post below was how we started. We enjoyed the Loop so much that we slowed down and added an extra year. We finished September 2010. With the boat in California we journeyed back and forth to Catalina Island, but after a couple of years we said: ENOUGH! We wanted to begin a new cruise, The Big U. We shared our desire with friends, Karlyn and Chuck,  and we were thrilled when they said that would do it with us! In reality, we are doing it with them! It has taken 2 years of planning and we are prepared. Their boat, Lady K will be taken to Seattle where the four of us will board her on June 1st and head to Alaska. Eventually we will be in Maine, around September 2016! Grab your life preserver and come aboard!

Little did we know when we bought the boat that we would become cruisers…well, little did I know. Perhaps Kelley had this all planned. But, leaving Florida in 2008 we have been cruising and will complete the Loop in November of 2009.
Will we continue cruising? The jury is out on that one. But cruising we are. Come join us. Hop on!