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April 29th, 2008 | Author:

We said good-bye to Dorothy and Alex at 8 and we were on our way to St. Augustine. The boat seemed so quiet as we moved along. I enjoy the ICW because there is always something to see. Coming from California where every neighborhood seems so regulated we are surprised to see how the waterway pans out. New homes

next to older ones and towers.

A bed and breakfast with a great boathouse. Can’t you see someone putting that fish head on their garage at home!

After a lazy day we covered about 46 miles and pulled up to the St. Augustine Municipal Marina. It was so good to be docked.

We jumped off the boat and did a quick walk through the city. Being Sunday it was packed. On Monday we got up and walked up and down the streets. It really does feel like a European town. The streets are narrow and the houses are built right on the streets.

There were living museums to visit, tours to take. We liked the fence around Flagler College. I think Jameson would like this around his house one day!

Our walk took us over a new bridge that was built. It is a bridge that raises up. The bridge took about a year to build. It was built so that the old bridge can be re-built. We spoke to one of the supervisors and he told us that about 80 million dollars were being spent on repairing the bridge. Once it is finished, the new bridge would be torn down….I believe in renovation. But, the cost to do this is so high. I say, build a fixed bridge at 65 feet and keep the old towers standing. But then, I wasn’t asked.

Here are the answers to the questions that I hope you are thinking: Bridge of Lions. Amazing! But then, this is why I am enjoying this trip so much. These people care about the integrity of their city. Old is good.

Loopers Trish and Jim of Great Expectaions (we had met them in Daytona) and Judy and Jim of The Silver Foxes (whom we had met in Cocoa Village). Judy and Jim hosted a cocktail party and we met Mike and Cathy of Xplorer. We enjoy talking to loopers. Flying the looper flag alerts others that they are on the same adventure. These couples are not rushing like we seem to be. Mike and Cathy will finish before summer and the others are putting their boats in the Chesapeake for the summer. I hope we meet again.

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April 27th, 2008 | Author:

We left Cocoa Village Marina early on Friday, the 25th. I had made a reservation for us to stay in New Smyrna Beach….but nothing is written in stone. It was brisk in the morning as we started out.

The admiral was knitting and checking the charts, while the captain was driving with the aid of auto. We cut across wide spaces to get to the Haulover Canal. Narrow and beautiful.

After coming out of the canal, we were surprised to see the sailboats sailing. We see so many sailboats on the ICW but they mostly motor. It must be frustrating to be stopped so often by low bridges and narrow channels to maneuver. It was a treat to see these three boats, all friends from Canada sailing together.

There were many marshes on this side and the wildlife was active. Yep, people fishing and sunning….(those shoals again)

oh, and the birds!

I thought that we were stopping in New Smyrna Beach for the night, but the weather was great so we continued. We liked the sail on this boat going through the bridge in NS Beach.

And, lo, a city: Daytona!

On Saturday there is a Farmer’s Market and we all walked over. I like that so many people attend and support the local farmers’ markets here.  I haven’t gone to ours at home very often, but when I am home I am going to.

But, all good things must come to an end, or so it is said. Saturday night we went to dinner. Tomorrow our friends would leave for home. We thank them for joining us and helping us create memories that we will hold dear for many years.

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April 23rd, 2008 | Author:

We decided to go on to Cocoa and we made reservations to stay at the Cocoa Village Marina which is across the street from the old town of Cocoa. The trip was about 55 miles and was a pleasant one, until the wind picked up. There were white caps in the ICW. As we are traveling the wind is nothing, but we knew coming into the marina the wind would pose a challenge.

I asked Kelley if we could roll up all of the Eisenglass so that we would have less sail. In Catalina when I have asked him to do this, he won’t. It was so windy he agreed. We were thrilled when we came in they had an end dock for us. Even with the glass rolled up, the wind made it a challenge to come in. Kelley definitely deserved his safe landing beer!

Dinner was at Caramia and I would not recommend it.

The manatees like Cocoa Village Marina.

Thursday was walking and shopping day. There was a yarn shop and Kelley sent me off and even made sure before I left that I had the credit card. Alas, although it had lovely yarns, I needed nothing. (I did buy a skein of sock yarn.) I enjoyed my time talking to the ladies there. I would love to visit again.

We all had a great lunch at Ryan’s Pizza. In fact, there was so much food that dinner that night was on the boat eating leftovers.

What a great day!

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April 22nd, 2008 | Author:

We left Stuart early and headed for Vero Beach. The wind picked up in the afternoon and we were hoping that we would be out of it in the mooring field where I had made a reservation. And, yes we were.

The municipal marina

and mooring field are tucked behind a little island so there was a breeze, but no wind. We were able to pick up a mooring ball, but here you must put out fenders in case they want to have some one share the ball with you.

There is a free shuttle that runs all through Vero Beach. We hopped on it and went to Publix. We had a delicious dinner on board. I was concerned about bugs, but with the breeze we were fine. We really enjoy being on a mooring ball. We also felt lucky because in this harbor you are sometimes required to share your ball with another boat. They weren’t busy ao we were alone.

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