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July 07th, 2009 | Author:

Time to move on! We enjoyed our stay in Snug Harbor, but, the weather was not looking good for today, so we decided to move on to Killarney.


You can see as we entered the town, the weather was gloomy. The wind was blowing and we must say that we were pleased that the Killarney Mountain Lodge had a slip for us. It is a beautiful spot. The grounds are lovely – pool, tennis courts, horse shoes, and of course, fishing and boating.

We passed Herbert’s Fisheries. 2-herberts500It is the place with the red roof. This is a must for a meal.

This was our lunch spot. Best fish and chips in town.

This was our lunch spot. Best fish and chips in town.

There are tables out so that you can eat there. It didn’t seem like a good idea to us when we went – it was raining. We went on back to the boat.

The Killarney Mountain Lodge has wireless. Off we went to the card room.

Kelley paid bills and caught up on mail; then I caught up on my mail and the knitting world. There are cottages here or rooms that one can rent. The grounds have beautiful gardens. 4-mtlodge400

Here is the Carousel Bar.


There was a lovely fireplace in the middle and it was going during the afternoon. At night we went back and listened to a guitar player. This place attracts people from all over the world. That night, there were people from Switzerland and a couple from Amsterdam. We met a nice young couple from Goderich, Ontario, Jim and Susan. (Susan is a knitter!)neighbors400

We took a quick walk around town dodging rain drops. We had to taste the local dairy. Yummy!yum400

Wednesday was to be a lovely day, so we took off for a walk to a lighthouse. It was a nice easy walk – and we thought we were very thoughtful of our environment: we allowed the bugs to try to bite us! We know there is a reason we have Deet on the boat; if only we would remember to use it!

The walk was worth it. The lighthouse. 3walklight400Georgian Bay, with its rugged coastline, but with water as flat and welcoming as can be. A sailboat, leaving Killarney, which is what we did once we returned to the boat.boatleaving400

The cottages on the island opposite Killarney are lovely.kilcot400

This was our favorite. This work shed belongs to the house to the right. I would love that shed. I do believe that Kelley and I would fight over whose it was!favcot400cottage400We are off to the Bustards!

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July 07th, 2009 | Author:

We left The Pool with gray skies and wind coming from the west. We thought we ought to move onto another anchorage, Snug Harbor. 2snug400The hype for this spot is that should there be a gale blowing in the bay, once inside Snug Harbor one wouldn’t know it. I must say it was pleasant once we were anchored. It was chilly out bit we were toasty inside.


See how the bottoms of the trees look like they have been pruned to be the smae height. In our guide book it says that many people think that they are this way because of the snow, but it has to do with the deer. This is the height that they can reach when they are grazing. Interesting?

Rain came and went….we did feel Snug.

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July 06th, 2009 | Author:

As we were sitting at the town docks in Little Current, a large sailboat went by and asked another boat if they had gone to the pool. They hadn’t; they thought they were too big and had too much depth. (Apparently Mrs. Evinrude has her 110 foot yacht brought here for days – oops).The sailboat, to me, had a keel that was probably deeper than the power boat, replied that that was too bad, because they had seen a bear come down to the water.

Next thing I know, Kelley is on the bridge and returns to say that he has charted our course. Yeah? To the Pool.

We made the 9 am opening of the swing bridge and continued out towards Strawberry Island and Heywood Island and on to the small entrance to the Pool. We passed the lighthouse on Strawberry Island.


What a beautiful cruise. Open water, few boats, not much wind, if any, and a destination we were anxious to get to. How many others on this overcast Friday would be working their way there to spend the weekend, or gasp, how many boats were already there, swinging, taking up all available room?

We round the corner into The Pool.



Up the 7 mile Baie Fine we went. There was another boat that had passed us going fast and causing a bumpy wake for us – but that boat appeared to be going to another destination. On we went, looking for the green buoy that would lead us towards the opening. Oh my, the New York boat had stopped and was coming in our direction. Kelly called and offered to let him go first….he could race and we would watch his route.

It was suppose to be so shallow, but not….on through Baie Fine and to the small forested entrance that would lead us to the Pool. Granite rises on both sides of us. If the sky had been clear, the greens of the trees and the white of the granite would have played against the blues of the water and sky; but it is gray. Gray might be to our advantage.


We round the corner – a Grand Banks and the “fast boat” are anchored. We find a great spot; drop anchor; and eat lunch.

1boatpool400 Oh, sadness, the “fast boat” is hassling with his anchor.

poolcap400Our day passes with an afternoon dinghy ride around the pool looking for the hiking trail where we will be able to look down and see the Pool and also pick blueberries. I am prepared to bake muffins, or at the very least pancakes. But, it and ends with reading, knitting, and drizzle. Another perfect day on the Loop. What a gorgeous part of the world this is. Now, where is the black bear or the moose that I have read about?

On the Fourth, Kelley does take a hike – and he was pleased that I hadn’t gone. There were bugs. But, it wasn’t an easy hike – but it was gorgeous. I give you his hike (alas, too early for blueberries):

1kwalkpool4003kwalklake4006kwalkpool40010kwalk40011kwalk40012kwalkpool40013kwalkpool40014kwalk400We had a visitor a couple of times.

5turtle400But, it was time to move on. So on the 6th we pulled anchor and set off for Snug Harbor, where we would be safe from a storm that was approaching.


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July 02nd, 2009 | Author:

1littlecurrent400We arrived yesterday to be part of the Canada Day Celebration.

There us docking along the wall of the town as well as in floating slips.

litcur5400litcurtown400litcurtown3400Although the weather was once again “iffy” the locals were having a great day. There was lots of fishing from the docks and swimming. Brrrrr!


There were 2 good country western bands that played off and on from 4 to 9. We could hear them from the boat, but after dinner Kelley and I went to the main street to watch them.
Our own celebration came when we were returning to our boat earlier and we ran into Kent and Donna of Scout out of San Francisco.

scout4400We had met them on the Trent Severn last year. It was great to have ‘tails with them and discuss where we have been and where we are going. They are heading east and we are heading west. But, we hope to meet again, perhaps in Chicago.

Must run. It is raining lightly and we want to get to the store. I am glad that we are staying here today.

Tomorrow the winds are to come up but we should be fine.
Happy Fourth to all of you at home.

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