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August 25th, 2009 | Author:

This is a nice town. It is a summer destination, although this summer for the locals has not been warm, well, at least by our standards.

Simply Timeless Luddington

With nothing to do and needing a few things we thought that we would walk to Walmart. It was about 5 miles away and although there was a sidewalk, it was along a busy street. Of course we couldn’t carry much, so I located the rice vinegar I wanted and Kelley picked up a dew things and back we went.

I like the Marina that we are in. It sits next to a park and the statues there are great. This is also home to the USS Badger. It crosses the lake to Wisconsin. Apparently the marina that is near the Badger’s dock gives the boats there free boat washes….the Badger spews dirt!

And the Nautical Knit Shop is here!

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August 23rd, 2009 | Author:

The weather is keeping us here. We really don’t mind the rain; we just have to plan our outings carefully. When it was really gloomy one day (read WET) we walked to the library which is in the park in front of the marina. We picked up magazines and books and had a pleasant couple of hours.

There is a salmon tournament taking place. The boat next to us, a beautiful Viking, has given us huge pieces of salmon every time they return from fishing. We gladly accept it; cut it into smaller chunks and freeze it for later.  Here on Lake Michigan, salmon is a sport fish. It cannot be caught commercially. We have enjoyed barbecuing it and look forward to many future salmon dinners.

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August 20th, 2009 | Author:

What a mistake this was! The weather report was that it would be windy and that the waves would be 4 to  6 feet and it was correct. We had gusts to 35 -and many, many times, the waves went over the front of the boat and washed the isinglass. Perfect! Remember, fresh water – not salt! We had 40 miles to go.

We were pleased to arrive at the dock; the last part of the trip was more protected – darn right calm, well, it is all relative. People were surprised to hear how rough it was out in Grand Traverse Bay. I feel so badly for my aunt and uncle. They have come to cruise with us and we had weather and distance issues. Not to mention the difficulty in locating a car.

Charlie has decided to rent a car here and we will tour the area as we did in Charlevoix with them and then drive them to the airport and return the car here. No drop offs in this area, well for $175 you can do that!

So, Sunday, in heat, we hung out on the boat.

Monday, we drove to Sutton Bay (darling!) and Leland (charming) and then to Northport (cute). These were marinas that we were planning to go to (except Sutton Bay).

On Tuesday we did a marathon drive: Glen Arbor (precious – with lunch at Art’s Tavern), a drive to see Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, and the final drive through the country side to Grand Rapids. We left them at the hotel (they fly out tomorrow) and we drove back to the boat.

Wednesday was a get the boat organized and cleaned. It was a lovely day and would have been a great day to cruise. It is challenging to invite friends and family to cruise. The weather here is so unpredictable and transportation is unreliable in these small towns. I hope that my family had a nice time. It was great for me to have there here and see them.

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August 20th, 2009 | Author:

We left Traverse City. It was a beautiful cruise north, not like the trip down. There are beautiful cottages along the shore, we couldn’t see them before.

Northport is a charming town. It was so hot that our first stop here was to get an ice cream. Yummy it was. We didn’t see any restaurants that looked inviting. In fact, I don’t think there was much there: a barbeque spot, a bakery, and a small grill. None of them looked popular. Eating on the boat it will be!

Friday we took a great walk through the neighborhood. It was great to talk to Vicki and findout that she has a friend, Nancy, here. I called her and we had a nice chat. The rain came in the evening. We had wanted to walk up and listen to the band in the park by the marina, but the rain did not let up. Will we travel tomorrow or not?

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